It is difficult for professional baseball players to accept change. The Pawtucket Red Sox are aware that change could be their calling cards to Boston. Manager Kevin Boles changes his lineup night to night by placing players in positions that they are not familiar with.

Travis Shaw, PawSox slugger, stated that he goes to the ballpark and checks the lineup. Then, he uses the glove he chooses that day.

Shaw is just one of many players trying to improve their position flexibility. Shaw, who is a natural first baseman has played more than half of his games at third base this year and added left field to the list.

He said, “I like it.” “I like versatility because you never know what you’ll need. Shaw was able to play in three spots so that there are three chances for someone to go down in Boston. He made his MLB debut against Blue Jays on May 8.

This is not lost on the other players in clubhouse. Deven Marrero has shown the potential to become a gold glove shortstop and has now moved to third base and second bases for the first time in the course of his professional career.

Boles stated that while we love Boles as a shortstop, he believes it will be beneficial for him to have more versatility. He has shown good game awareness and has performed well in all situations.

Garin Cecchini moved around last season as well. He has previously played left field, third base and first base. Allen Craig has played left field, right field, and first base in his MLB career. He was only able to do so with the PawSox. As almost everyone can play multiple positions, the list could go on.

How has Boles and his staff managed to get their players to accept this daily change?

He said, “I believe it speaks for itself in terms of the major league club.” Brock Holt is a great example and we always refer to him. He is the perfect example of versatility and how important it is.”

The team has been able to see multiple success stories, which has enabled them to embrace change and be ready for any opportunity to play in the big leagues.

Boles stated, “As long you’re playing at the major leagues you want to ensure you have all the answers and you are prepared.” John Farrell and his staff set the tone for the major league staff in terms of versatility and importance. That is something we all know.”

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