Travis Shaw’s plan for 2015 didn’t work out as Travis had hoped. Travis Shaw, a 25-year-old prospect, finished April with a.185 batting average and five more base hits. To prove that he belongs in the big leagues, he pressed at the plate to see if he would be allowed to play with Boston.

Despite his slow start, and the talent of the organization, the opportunity came on May 8, when he made his MLB debut against Blue Jays. After only one game with the Red Sox, he was sent back to Pawtucket. However, that promotion helped turn his season around.

Shaw stated that the phone call gave him a boost of confidence because he wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the year. It was a relief to be able to calm down and show that they are still in my mind. This allowed me to get on with my day.

Since then, his confidence and comfort have been evident. Shaw is the PawSox’s hottest hitter, displaying more base power and leading the team in RBIs with 26. He has batting.348 in his last 18 games, with two home runs and four doubles. There have also been nine RBIs and seven walks.

Shaw, who is a left-handed hitter, has shown that he can perform almost as well against left-handed pitchers as against right-handers. His splits are just 12 points apart. Although his 2014 numbers did not show that he could perform against southpaws in 2014, Shaw is getting more comfortable with it.

He said, “Last year my figures didn’t show it but I didn’t feel overmatched.” “This year, my numbers show a bit more success in the beginning. While I am still learning every day, I feel comfortable regardless of whether it’s lefty or righty.

His success is due to his ability to spot breaking balls. He can now hold on to pitches he might have missed in previous games, which allows him to see lefties well.

“If they throw a good breaking ball down, and I don’t chase it, then I know that I’m in a pretty good place.”

Shaw is aware that a return to major leagues will not be easy but he is trying his best to make it happen sooner than later. He is a natural first baseman and has also spent time in left field and third base to improve his versatility. He doesn’t know exactly where he will be playing each game, but it is something that he enjoys.

“Vailability is always good for me because you never know what you’ll need.” You can play at least three spots. This gives you three options if someone falls in Boston.

Shaw’s next MLB opportunity is not yet known, but he will continue to learn and develop with Pawtucket. He has certainly made the case for his MLB future, even though he was not widely discussed to begin 2015.

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