Red Sox pitcher Justin Masterson, who is currently undergoing treatment for right shoulder tendonitis, made his Pawtucket debut on Sunday. After being thrown out by the Athletics for just 2.1 innings, Masterson was placed on the 15 day disabled list. He is 2-2 in seven Red Sox starts with a 6.37 ERA and has only pitched more than five innings three times.

Masterson, who was just a prospect in 2008, was due to pitch three innings for his PawSox team. The struggling Boston pitching staff was not impressed by Masterson’s outing.

Masterson managed only five outs, and showed poor command throughout. Masterson allowed three walks and two wild pitches, in addition to two earned runs. Masterson managed to record two punch outs and threw 50 pitches. Masterson reached a peak of 91 MPH, although he was sitting in the high 80s.

Masterson admits that mechanics were a problem for him. He is currently working to overcome some of the bad habits he has developed.

Masterson stated that Masterson felt great during his warm-up and the first inning. “In the second, I felt good mechanically but not physically. Everything started to fall behind because I was rushing, drifting, and everything was going out.

Masterson was positive after his start and reported that his shoulder felt great. His struggles were purely due to his mechanics.

It wasn’t because of fatigue. It wasn’t because I was tired. This is something I have been fighting as I play catch. I have some bad habits.

Masterson is not likely to return to the rotation if he is healthy. Steven Wright and Eduardo Rodriguez have performed better than him at the major league level. Masterson could move to the bullpen and become a situational or long reliever. Masterson will be throwing a bullpen session for two days while he recovers from his injury.

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